Best Mont Blanc


We are convinced that we have found the best Mont Blanc in Singapore.

Right smack in the basement of Liang Court – Tampopo Deli.

Other notable desserts of theirs are the milk pudding, scoop cake and cheese chiffon cake.

Cocoa & Butterscotch is back with a vengance. More good eats and news of upcoming projects for you. Soon. Stay hungry.

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The Adventures of Cocoa & Butterscotch: The Cafe Expedition

We realised how long it has been since we’ve last updated this blog. Please do accept our sincere apologies for not being able to carry on with the baking. If you have sent us emails asking us for bakes and have received no replies, it is only because both of us have been busy with our full-time jobs.

Both of us have not lost sight of our goal to make this world a happy yummy place. We still dream of a world where every person would have cookies, cupcakes and hot chocolate and live happily.

Although it is not possible for us to sell our bakes at this point in time, we will be doing our bit to make the world a more appetising place with our new project entitled The Adventures of Cocoa & Butterscotch. We realised how much fun it’s been for us to go around visiting delicious places and eating delicious things and thought how delightful it’ll be if you could have a peek into our simple but finger-licking adventures. We are still deciding how we would share our adventures so here’s a teaser which would give you a rough idea what we mean:

Do drop us an email, a note or a comment on how you would like us to present our adventures to you. Tell us if you would like it to be simply in a photo-essay format or perhaps in a story of sorts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Green, yellow & white


Imagine a grass so green and flowers so pure and white…

Throw in all that’s bright, yellow and summery.

What do you get?

Something yummy, something that’s beautiful to look at and something quite lovely.

Cocoa & Butterscotch enjoyed their latest garden-themed project. It was meant to be a gift from a daughter to her parents on their 16th wedding anniversary. Isn’t that so sweet?

So we made some lemon cupcakes (with lemon curd filling) and put together a tier so gorgeous that I wanted to keep it for myself.

 Here are the photos, enjoy!


Lemon cupcakes filled with citrus-y lemon curd & topped with lemon buttercream frosting. All handmade, except for the store bought icing flowers! I haven’t quite mastered sugar art yet!


And here’s the tier, in green & white… Check out the details.


We used some rather expensive grass-like ‘fabric’ which made the tier pop!

top tier

The little flowers added such class to the tier.


And there you have it, our tier, basking in the glorious sun.

tier in sunlight

Dot designed a tag as well:


 We hope our dearest customer liked the tier and cupcakes! 🙂

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Happy Birthday Clara!


Cocoa & Butterscotch are very excited!

We’ve just completed our first cupcake tier order and it’s for the lovely Clara who turns 20 tomorrow.

So let’s all wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

Here’s some more photos of the tier. It’s in blue and white, her favourite colours.  



We thought the top looked like it was missing something….

Soon, we figured out it was because of Little Brown Bear who needed a new home….


Clara, we hope you like the bear too! 🙂

Have a swell birthday tomorrow!


Those of you reading this and would love to have a tier of your own to celebrate your birthday or just anything, just email us at and we will be more than happy to discuss further. Of course, we provide cupcakes too 😀

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yellow lemons & blue blueberries!




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More yummy wallpapers!


More yummy wallpapers for you 🙂 Just click on image to enlarge and save into your computer. Enjoy!

cupcakes wallpaper

Oh, and just in case you didn’t know, everything was baked by us.
cookie jar wallpaper



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Apron laden, flour covered, dough stickin’ pair


We started baking this week and it’s been a swell time. Won’t say much but let the pictures speak for themselves. Below are two pictures of our cookie jars so that you know how they look like. We have a wallpaper for you as well 🙂 That’s our freebie for you, to thank you for your kind support!




 *Click on the picture to enlarge and save it into your computer. Set as your wallpaper! 🙂

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Butterscotch’s smokin’ designs!

All Things New Poster

I did say Butterscotch is a very talented designer and to prove that, here are more of her work.

Both of us are in Amplify Ministry (A Catholic Youth Ministry) and we organise sessions, events and camps that cater to Singapore youths. Butterscotch is kind of our in-house designer and she’s been responsible for most of the posters and collaterals we’ve been churning out.

Take a look at some of them:


This poster was designed to publicise a chill-out session. The idea was for it to look like the old school Chinese calendar.


More to Love Poster

More to Love was an event celebrating Valentine’s Day and Butterscotch wanted a romantic feel that oozed English charm. This is one of my favourites!


Revolutionary Love Poster 

Revolutionary Love was the theme for YISS (Youth in the Spirit Seminar) 2005. Butterscotch went grunge this time round. She designed the emblem and created something that dripped rock funk.


Marvellous Light

Into Marvellous Light was the theme for YISS 2006 and it was disco fever! Neon Orange and black proved to be a combo that turned heads 🙂




The two flyers above doubled up as email blasters to publicise Amplify’s weekly sessions. Known as Amplify Fridays, these sessions are catered to youths and she wanted the flyers to speak to them. You notice how she tweaks each flyer accordingly. That’s one of her amazing abilities.

As long as you specify the kind of feel and emotion/atomsphere you want, she can customise something unique for you.


God & Life Poster

 This God & Life poster was designed to coincide with a series of talks we had that revolved around the God & Life theme. She was going for the floral, countryside feel here. I love this one.

So there you have it, a peek into Butterscotch’s portfolio!

Once again, do feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.  

P.S. Do click on each of the image for an enlarged view! :0)



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So what do we do?

mini cocoamini butterscotch

Most of you know Cocoa (left), that she bakes and all that.

Now’s the time to formally introduce you all to Butterscotch! She’s a graphic designer with a diploma and degree to boot.

Quirky and bubbly, Butterscotch has a knack for designing artistic pieces that impresses.

Here at Cocoa & Butterscotch, we also provide design services.

You might be getting married or having a birthday party and don’t know how to go about with the collaterals. Fret not.

Cocoa’s a freelance writer and Butterscotch’s a freelance graphic designer. Put two of us together and you have the answer – your number one source of inspiration! We can also collaborate and work something out with regards to food – be they cookies or cupcakes.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, click on the thumbnails below.

These are some collaterals that Butterscotch designed for one of our friend’s wedding, including the cupcake tier Cocoa baked for for couple.

more collateralsWedding Collateralscupcake tier wedding coasters

Do email us at for quotations or any further queries.

Have a delicious day! 🙂



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Collection Dates & Venues

Oops! Didn’t put up the collection dates and venues!

Please note that you’ll be able to collect your orders only in JULY.

We’ve set aside 2 weeks for collection.

First week is from 9 July to 13 July
Second week will be from 16 to 20 July

You might have noticed we only deliver from Mondays to Fridays.
Collection point is at Sengkang MRT Control Station.

There will be 2 timings each day:

  • 2pm
  • 7pm

But don’t worry if you aren’t able to meet those timings. It’s just a guideline. Just notify us when you email your order and we can definitely work something out! 🙂

Thanks for your support!

P.S. Do be patient while we reply your emails with confirmation. There’s been an overwhelming response!

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